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HTMR100 Consortium

STL is in the process of putting together a consortium to fund the basic design of the reactor and fuel plant. Consortium members will typically consist of entities (private or public) that would like to build and operate HTMR!)) power plants for their own use.


Potential investors can contact Trevor Blench at : trevor.blench@HTMR100.Com

Trevor Blench (Executive Chairman)


Trevor Blench has a BA degree in Economics, a MA degree in International Relations and a MBA. Trevor worked in financial services as a stockbroker, investment analyst and portfolio manager for over twenty years.

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Marius Fox (Executive Director - Reactor)


Marius Fox is a mechanical engineer with experience in nuclear plants, military and industrial fields. He has experience in nuclear critical facilities, light water reactors and high temperature gas cooled reactors. Marius played an important role in building up a nuclear engineering team and establishment of reactor technology in South Africa. He took part in international nuclear design and safety projects. As part of his STL activities he guides the systems engineering process in development of the HTMR100 plant.

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David Boyes (Executive Director - Fuel)


David Boyes completed his Baccalaureus Technologiae in Metallurgical Engineering and has over 30 years of nuclear fuel process development and fuel manufacturing experience. David started work at the then Atomic Energy Corporation where he developed uranium dioxide pellet fuel for Koeberg Nuclear Power station. This involved the research and development of the powder metallurgical route to fabricate fuel on an industrial scale for Koeberg. He then became Production Manager of the uranium powder production plant and the uranium chemical recovery plant at the Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA. He then joined PBMR and produced the first uranium dioxide kernels for pebble fuel. He was responsible for all the uranium process facilities needed for the manufacture of pebble fuel at PBMR. He now serves as executive director on the STL board overseeing the extraction and purification of thorium for nuclear fuel, he also represents STL interests in Thor Energy in Norway and is responsible for the development and supply of qualified pebble fuel for the HTMR100 reactor.

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