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Electricity Production


The electrical energy demand has almost doubled since the 1990’s putting strain on all countries to keep up with growing industries and increasing populations. With greenhouse effects being reported across the globe and becoming a growing concern, safe and environmentally friendly nuclear power is key to meet the ever increasing electrical demand faced by all countries.


The HTMR100 Reactor is a high temperature gas cooled modular reactor which is designed to provide cost effective electrical energy. The HTMR100 reactor provides 100 MW of thermal energy which is converted to 35 MW of electrical energy making it ideal for “off-the-grid’ power supply. The HTMR100 reactor is modular in design and can be transported to locations away from large industrial areas where electrical energy is scarce.



Fresh water is in increasingly short supply all over the world. There is a potable water shortage and process water is needed for the expansion and growth of technology and industry. Current fresh water reserves are deteriorating at a rapid rate and desalination is the only viable solution to address the water shortage problems that the world faces. Nuclear desalination is especially advantageous over fossil fuel processes as it is cost-competitive and does not contribute to greenhouse gases.


The HTMR100 Reactor is especially advantageous as it is small and modular and can be placed in remote areas and on small islands. The HTMR100 Reactor does not need large amounts of cooling water which conventional reactors require as it uses helium as a cooling medium. The Reactor generates also generates steam at higher temperatures and pressures than conventional reactors and thus can to be used for a wide range of process heat applications.


The HTMR100 Nuclear Power Plant can be coupled to a Reverse Osmosis desalination plant or the process heat can be used for a Multi Effect Distillation plant or a Multi Stage Flash Desalination plant. The HTMR100 reactor is very versatile and can be used in a cogeneration plant producing electricity and fresh water as well as high temperature and pressure steam for industrial processes.

Process Heat Applications


High temperatures are needed in the petrochemical, oil and hydrogen production industries. Light Water Reactors (LWR) produce significantly lower temperatures than High Temperature Gas Reactors (HTGR) such as the HTMR100 Reactor; this limits their uses, as they cannot be used in high temperature process heat applications. The HTMR100 is capable of reaching extremely high temperatures. The process heat can be used for:


* Petroleum Refining


* Oil Recovery


* Coal and Natural Gas Processing


* Petrochemical


* Hydrogen Production


* Fertilizer Production


* Metals Processing



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